It is the policy of Dickason Law Group to respond to customer complaints, disputes and issues in a timely manner. We take each complaint seriously, no matter the nature of issue, by thoroughly investigating the cause within its respective department.

As soon as a complaint is logged, it is sent directly to our Chief of Staff for documentation and investigation. Reports of each complaint, their cause, and the steps necessary to correct the issue are discussed with the offending party, reviewed within each department, and reviewed in Leadership meetings.

Dickason Law Group is focused on providing real estate closing services to customers in compliance with all Federal and State regulatory policies including but not limited to consumer protection (CFPB Compliance), ALTA Best Practices, and civil rights laws.

In the event a complaint needs to be filed with Dickason Law Group, the individual/entity can:

  • Contact Sean Kasper with Dickason Law Group at (678) 244-6245
  • Notify Dickason Law Group in writing at:
    Dickason Law Group
    ATTN: Sean Kasper
    1801 Peachtree St. NE
    Suite 155
    Atlanta, GA 30309

  • Via Fax at 866.870.5178, ATTN: Sean Kasper
  • Submitted electronically in the form below.

The complaint should include the following information:

  • The name, address, email address, and telephone number of the complainant.
  • A description of the act or practice that is thought to be unfair or deceptive, or in violating of existing law or regulation, including all relevant facts.
  • A Customer Complaint Form must be completed and submitted either via regular mail to the above address, via email to, by fax to 866.870.5178, or through electronic form below.

Response to a complaint sent directly to Dickason Law Group will typically be provided before the end of thirty (30) day investigation period from the date the complaint was received.

Customer Complaint Form