Client Appreciation Program

Welcome to the 2019 Dickason Law Group
Client Appreciation Program!

Simply encourage your buyers and borrowers to choose DLG as their closing firm of choice, and you (the agent, lender, or broker) become a proud participant of the Program.

Show off your support by downloading one of the badges below and display it on your email footer, website, and social media networks.


The Program keeps track of the purchase price or loan amount of each closing and gives badges based on the level achieved. Each month, participants receive a report summarizing their activity for the previous month, as well as the year to date stats. Take a look at the badges you can achieve below:


Within the Client Appreciation Program, we have developed a Million Dollar Club, but with a twist! Instead of tracking volume annually, this Club tracks sales volume on a monthly basis. 

Achieving this level sets you apart from any other agent or lender, especially when you earn multiple badges throughout the year!

For every month your volume exceeds $1,000,000 in closed business with DLG, you will receive a badge like the one to the right.



At the end of the year, DLG will host a special black-tie ceremony for all Georgia licensed real estate agents and lenders to recognize not only participants of the Program and Million Dollar Club achievers, but will also highlight agents and lenders who have had a positive impact on their community and the industry.

Prior to the ceremony, clients of Dickason Law Group are invited to attend a panel discussion about the future of the industry, insight into DLG’s future offerings, feedback on improving our services, and so much more. Think of it as a mini-Dreamforce™ for the real estate closing industry!


* These numbers do not represent the total number of closings you participated in with DLG. They represent the number of closings that you directed (typically buyer side) to close with DLG, where you are identified as the Source of Business. Source of business is tracked by email address identified on the File.

The Client Appreciation Program does not provide any cash or valuable incentives for the promise of future business.  All monthly reports are summaries of previous business. Electronic badges are given to participants for display purposes only and have no cash or implied value.